—Chrystal W.

"I love Mapela's realistic approach for women with busy lives who want to practice daily healthy living.


When I first met Mapela, I was ashamed at how much weight I had gained and how I had let myself get out of shape. Mapela never looked down on me or made me feel uncomfortable. Instead, she immediately put me at ease reminding me that I already had the tools to become healthy and lean once again. She encouraged me to focus on the positive, that I was back on track. I am forever grateful!"

—Renée J.

"Mapela was such a brilliant, smart, inspiring, caring, absolutely professional personal trainer.  


I am a busy working mama and she knows me for that.  She made an easy peasy exercise yet intense workout menu for me I could do it at home.  I am still motivated thanks to her and I wake up half an hour earlier than usual to squeeze in my personally made menu by Mapela once in a while.


It is a pity that I don't have her nearby anymore!  I highly recommend her service!


Thank you to this beautiful soul!"

—Ikumi K.

Acasia O.

"Mapela introduced me to a new form of physical fitness - professional fitness. We were participating in a weeklong professional training with long days and a lot of sitting down. She impressed me with her ability to keep us awake with quick and impactful workouts at our tables.


Since this was a professional environment, all of us wore business suits and had limited mobility, but Mapela offered and demonstrated moves that could be carried out regardless of attire. I appreciated that because there are times when you're at a conference or at work all day or in an environment that's not entirely conducive to working out but a good 'pick me up' in the form of a few solid heart-pumping moves, will do the trick. I wish Mapela could be at all my conferences or future professional events. Mapela, you need an app!"


Charm G.

"It was an absolute delight working with Mapela at Fit  Vitae. She's knowledgeable and her high energy keeps you motivated through the whole workout. I love her creativity - she makes working out fun."


“It’s amazing to me how Personal Training improves my attitude and clears my mind.” I can’t believe how much I’ve progressed working with Mapela. She is constantly seeking information to stay current on training styles. Each training session is different it keeps me motivated and interested. I actually look forward to what’s coming next, and what I will learn this week. She listens to me to understand what I seek in training and adjusts her style to help me progress. She’s careful, observant and MOTIVATING.

With patience and fantastic humor, she listens to my grumbling and then lets me rest of a bit…. Then we’re onto our next set.
Mapela is dedicated to improving my entire life experience not just stopping with working out. She makes sure my mind body and soul is nourished healthy, active and fit. And not fit to America’s standards but fit to what works for me. Mapela has changed my entire lifestyle it’s not just a workout it’s a way of living."



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