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The Low-Down on a Plant Based Diet

There are documentaries out there that talk about switching to a plant-based diet. While this can be appealing to you, you might not know where to start and how you can switch without losing out on important nutrients in your diet.

A plant based diet means excluding or minimizing animal products like meat, poultry, dairy and fish, avoiding processed foods and focusing on eating mainly whole plant foods.

A plant based diet includes fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds. If you ate a diet of processed foods and high saturated fats, following this diet will eventually help you lose weight, gain more energy and feel great in general. To get started with a plant based diet, you can substitute meat in your favourite recipes with vegetables or legumes. You can replace the meat in your chili with beans, make veggie burgers instead of meat burgers, or replace the chicken in your stir-fry dishes with tofu.

Another approach you can take is having a total new start by not trying to replicate your non-plant based dishes but by exploring new dishes altogether. You can use resources such as pinterest and youtube to find new recipes.


I found this table from the Idea Fitness Journal to be very helpful, you can use it as a guide for including key ingredients in your diet.

Lastly, eating plant-based does not mean being careless with your food intake. Always watch your calorie intake, exercise at least 30 minutes, 5 days of the week. Do everything in moderation then you are on the right track.


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